Monday, October 10, 2005

Gardening - VMware Chief Looks to Stay Ahead of Rivals

VMware Chief Looks to Stay Ahead of Rivals - Oct 09 5:08 AM
VMware, a unit of EMC Corp., is a top vendor of server virtualization tools. But the company is constantly scrambling to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape that includes Microsoft and open-source vendors.Save to My Web

Reform pledge goes up in smoke
Chicago Sun-Times - Oct 09 4:24 AM
I have a suggestion for anyone planning to be a political candidate for any office in Illinois anytime soon. Do not, repeat, do not use the following words in your campaign: "reform," "end business as usual," or (worst of all) "rock the system."Save to My Web

A model of good old-fashioned modernism
Boston Globe - Oct 09 12:26 AM
It's a little bit like what the Brits call a ''folly." That's a word they use to describe a beautiful but useless piece of architecture in a garden setting. Sometimes it's a fake ruin, sometimes a miniature Roman temple. Either way, it's there just to be looked at, and to provide a theatrical atmosphere.Save to My Web

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