Friday, October 14, 2005

Gardening - To Plant Along a Stream

To Plant Along a Stream
New York Times - I recently cleared a stream bank of dead trees, poison ivy and bittersweet so I could see the water from my house. What shrubs can I plant without blocking the view? The area gets partial sun and deer are a constant problem. A.

Prune shrubs for low-maintenance future
Nashua Telegraph - Published: Sunday, Oct. 9, 2005 My mentor gave me some advice: "It should never look as though it has been pruned."He was a big believer in natural pruning to keep shrubs in bounds. pruning mistakes turn ordinary shrubs into ugly, high-maintenance monsters.Inevitably, shrubs, whether deciduous

Heat around the bush Is shrub growth adding to climate change in the Arctic?
SignOn San Diego - By Richard A. Lovett UNION-TRIBUNE October 5, 2005 Longer summers are seen in the north In 1999, Matthew Sturm of the U.S. was still largely ground-hugging tundra, but shrubs such as willow, alder and dwarf birch had brushier landscape of alder, willow and birch shrubs. Increased shrubbery appears to

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