Saturday, October 08, 2005

Gardening - School shuts doors after sickness

School shuts doors after sickness
BBC - The school closure will be reviewed on Friday A primary school is to be closed for the rest of the week after around 100 children and staff fell ill.

Drug dogs deployed in town centre
BBC - The dogs are expected to be deployed again soon, police say Dogs that have been trained to smell drugs have been deployed on the streets of a town centre. The dogs were stationed at the doors of several pubs and those entering had to allow the animals to search them before

White running for 3rd term as secretary of state
Chicago Sun-Times - We've done a commendable job,' White said. ' We've been able to root out the corruption within our office. I think I've been able to bring the services to the people of the state of Illinois in a timely manner. pushing for tougher drunken driving laws and reducing 'lines at driver's facilities that spilled out of our doors.

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