Sunday, October 16, 2005

Gardening - New Mexico wilderness expert will visit Earlham

New Mexico wilderness expert will visit Earlham
Palladium-Item, IN - Oct 14, 2005 Nathan Small of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance will give a free multimedia talk about Otero Mesa, NM, the wildest grassland in the US, and the impact of

nothing to do Oct. 14-20, TX - Oct 14, 2005 Comparative Wine Tasting. Grassland Estates Clubhouse, 5800 Crowley, near intersection Highway 191 & Loop 250. Seven wines accompanied

Juniper spreads fast
Capital Press (subscription), Oregon - Oct 14, 2005 A new survey by the US Forest Service shows that juniper is taking over grassland, alarming biologists who see it as a threat to native habitats.

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