Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Gardening - Mild wildfire season worries some

Mild wildfire season worries some
Casper Star Tribune - BILLINGS, Mont. -- Despite early fears of a catastrophic wildfire season in the West, the season now ending has been relatively mild, fire officials say. fires that burned in the Southwest and Great Basin, where a wet winter allowed fine grasses and vegetation to flourish

Research ranch sprouts natural approach
Sierra Vista Herald - HERALD/REVIEWwELGIN Tucked in the heart of Sonoita Valley, an area known for its rolling grasslands and cattle ranches, is a unique ecological sanctuary. home to more than 90 species of native grasses and an abundance of wildlife.Surrounded by mountain ranges and a passion for southwestern grasses, has lived on the ranch since

Wildlife refuge starts to heal after Rita
MSNBC - The six-foot reptile spun quickly and slapped its tail violently against the water as it dove to evade the airboat. The alligators have fled and the tall, green marsh grasses are brown from salt water, but the coastal Rockefeller

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