Monday, October 10, 2005

Gardening - Heirloom plant puts on a rare, spectacular show

Heirloom plant puts on a rare, spectacular show
Hampton Roads Daily Press - Oct 08 10:02 PM
The night-blooming cereus is an indoor plant that never stops amazing people. Pure white flowers, the size of a dinner plate, open when the sun goes down and stay open all night, closing the next morning. The flowers are also intoxicatingly fragrant. You'll like how easy the plant is to care for because it never needs more than partial sun and water. But, never buy the plant for its foliage, Save to My Web

Step forward for 'Hands Off Venezuela' campaign in visit to British trade unions
Venezuela Electronic News - Oct 06 4:55 AM
Oscar Negrin, the elected leader of the Juan Bautista Alberdi school in Caracas, went on a short speaking tour for the Hands Off Venezuela campaign during his short visit to the UK.Save to My Web

Take care of your garden in the fall
The Ashland Daily Press - Oct 05 7:16 AM
The beginning of fall garden care comes when the weather and the radio station announce the arrival of the first fall frost. (If you havent yet experienced a frost at your house you soon will!) Your main concern then should be to harvest all ripe, tender crops.Save to My Web

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