Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gardening - A garden mulching special: Dead leaves and lots of dung

A garden mulching special: Dead leaves and lots of dung
Wisconsin State Journal - Sep 30 10:23 PM
Gardeners, make your beds. And consider letting an elephant drop in on your patch. The fall mulching season has started, with two out-of-the-ordinary offerings for gardeners itching to protect and nurture their plantings, large and small.Save to My Web

Autumn keeps heat on Iowans
The Des Moines Register - Oct 04 2:19 AM
This is the week to keep one hand on a tank top and one hand on a trench coat.Save to My Web

Reinventing Harding Park / Can the everyman course be as glam as Pebble Beach?
San Francisco Chronicle - Oct 02 3:46 PM
Harding Park Golf Course long ago cast its spell on Bo Links, a San Francisco lawyer and unofficial golf historian. Links grew up in the Richmond District and played the game at various uninspiring venues, but he quickly discovered the wonders of a...Save to My Web

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