Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gardening - Clematis can be spectacular in fall

Clematis can be spectacular in fall
Shawnee News Star - By Lee Reich AP Weekly Features Say 'clematis' and most people think of wiry vines drenched in blossoms early in the season. But you could also conjure up this flowery image for late summer and fall. such as Clematis tangutica. These vines flower only on new growth, towards

Spreading a message
Lynchburg News and Advance - an address at Thomas Road Baptist Churchs Super Conference 2005 at LUs Vines Center. Several thousand people attended

Ill. high school teaching grape growing
AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer - The few rows of grapes planted about six years ago near the high school's greenhouse in this southern Illinois town used to give Howard Heavner and his students fits. plant, much less how to spray it. Vines on the low-hanging trellises often got swallowed up by acreage have spread like renegade vines, many of Heavner's students are being

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