Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Enjoy your garden, live in it.

Expert Tips for Instant Outdoor Style

(ARA) - Whether you are looking to create an outdoor retreat or just want a great place to entertain this summer, there are a few things you can do to achieve instant outdoor style. Adding accents like a wall fountain, clustering planters near an outdoor bench or even adding chic new cushions to your porch swing will help to update last year’s look.

But where do you start? Outdoor living magazine gurus Samantha Thorpe of “Cottage Gardens” magazine and Susan Applegate-Hurst, of “Better Homes & Gardens” magazine share five fail-proof design tips that will instantly brighten any outdoor living space.


Applegate-Hurst recommends using annuals as a quick fix for injecting color into an outdoor scene. “Annuals are an easy choice,” she says. “Many of the new cultivars are longer blooming than plants of the past and offer bold, wow-colors.”

When selecting a color palette, Hurst suggests – either monochromatic or colors that complement each other. “Think of putting together an outfit,” she says. “If you wouldn’t wear the colors together, don’t plant them together.”

The color-perfect containers from Simply Beautiful Plant By Number are mixed by professionals using complementary combinations and monochromatic plantings of annuals.


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