Monday, August 08, 2005

Beautify Your Home for the Summer

> Beautify Your Home for the Summer
> (ARA) - Summer is here and with the warm weather comes endless hours spent outdoors enjoying the sun. Whether you> '> re spending time in the pool, grilling on the barbeque, or just lounging on your deck, you want your house looking its best. That> '> s why now> '> s the perfect time to spruce up your home> '> s exterior and impress your neighbors.
> There are many do-it-yourself projects that can have a dramatic effect on the beauty of your home. A little gardening close to the house can provide color and life to your outdoor space. Planting some flowers, shrubs or trees in the right areas can make a world of difference.
> Other ways to beautify your home include cleaning your windows and screens, which will improve exterior appearance and allow more light into the home. Refinishing your deck can bring back a warm, natural wood look, while also protecting it from the sun> '> s UV rays and heavy summer foot traffic. You can even restore your home> '> s vinyl siding and shutters to their original color and shine!
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